Still playing with this thing

A relaxed business day in Cromwell

The town dentist scoots by on his little motorbike. on a typical relaxed business day in the main street of Cromwell, beside Neville Hucklebridge's Four Square store, in 1978. Most of this street is now underneath Lake Dunstan, which was formed by the Clyde Dam on the Clutha River. The shops were demolished before the lake was formed.

Although I had no intention of staying the course with blogging and only wanted to get broadly acquainted with the WordPress system on behalf of someone else, I’m still playing with it! If I were to carry on with a blog of my own, what would it be about? My interests are pretty diverse and few people would be interested in everything I do or have opinions on. So I guess specialisation is the thing. But which speciality – that’s the thing.

Today I had fun going over old haunts in Cromwell, Central Otago, using Google Maps’ Street View, which has just launched in New Zealand. We lived in Cromwell in the late 1970s.

While we were living there I produced a two-projector dissolving image slide show (moderately advanced at the time), for the Cromwell Information Centre. Goldmining featured in the programme, but the production studios in Christchurch had no suitable background music for the slide sequence. So I had to compose some hostelry drinking-type music on the spot and play it on the studio’s bad upright piano. Click on the player below to hear the result.

During my years in Cromwell I started to take an interest in photography and here are a few of my images of local scenes. Most can be enlarged with a click.

Hoarfrost on a weeping willow, Cromwell, winter 1978.

Hoarfrost on a weeping willow in Cromwell, winter 1978.

  • Clutha River, Lowburn area north of Cromwell, autumn 1979

    Clutha River, Lowburn area just north of Cromwell, autumn 1979, taken from a helicopter.

  • Catholic church in Cromwell, 1977

    Cromwell Catholic church with the town's iconic wellingtonia (redwood) trees, 1977. This wasn't flooded by the lake. Essentially, only the old shopping street was flooded – very few residential areas were affected.

    One of many memorable sunsets we enjoyed in Cromwell

    One of many memorable sunsets we enjoyed in Cromwell. The mountains in the centre are the Remarkables – the opposite side to what you see in Queenstown.

  • Our son Guy in autumn wonderland, Cromwell 1978

    Our son Guy exploring an autumn wonderland among poplars near the Clutha River, Cromwell 1978. Now under the lake.

    Spectators at the Bannockburn Fair, 1978

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2 Responses to Still playing with this thing

  1. David George says:

    Nice to see our homeland without the water on it… 🙂

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