Where’s Bob?

Bob working out on his new rug

Bob working out on his new rug

Things are sad around here tonight. Our much-loved red Burmese cat, Bob, has been absent for over 24 hours. He’s quite geriatric and not in the habit of straying from home comforts for long, so we fear the worst. The neighborhood has been papered with flyers. One person rang to say she had a stray red cat on her property, and my heart lifted. Then she said it had a green collar. Bob doesn’t wear a collar. We’ve had several cats over the years, but at the risk of sounding disrespectful to his predecessors, I have to say that our 15 years with Bob have been the greatest delight. Truly the best. He is missed greatly.


I couldn't resist 'enhancing' Bob a few years ago, mainly to get a rise out of my sister, who had the mistaken notion that her cats were the best in the land.

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5 Responses to Where’s Bob?

  1. Steve Wolf says:

    I’ve scoured all the banks and house-surrounds and can find no Bob. Found a few kid’s soccer balls and pooh-bear balls though.

  2. Dan MacGibbon says:

    It is very sad that Bob has gone. Still, he had a long life and a good one at that. We will miss you Bob.

  3. Guy says:

    Bye bye Bob, you were a top cat.

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