Furry interloper

Our Felix look-alike begging for (and receiving) a tid-bit from Liz. We think she may be a Felicity.

Our Felix look-alike begging for (and receiving) a tid-bit from Liz.

We’re being taken over in our Martinborough cottage by a young cat that started visiting us nervously in the garden a few weeks ago. Now it comes inside and thinks it owns us. Though it looks cared for, it now wants to spend all the weekends with us, begging furiously for food. It’s a dead-ringer for the little cat called Felix, star of a tiny fun computer program that goes back to the early days of Windows and still works in Windows XP. Felix is a free program, available here. Felix will walk around your desktop pondering life, staring into space, getting up to mischief or turning with a smile, depending on his mood.

Felix the Cat. Download him for your computer.

Felix the Cat. Click on Felix to download him for your computer.

Yes, we are thoroughgoing cat people and it’s nice to have a cat around again, after the losing Bob last month. But we shouldn’t encourage our new friend too much. At some stage we’ll get a full-time replacement for Bob and it won’t be just live in Wellington. We’ll train it to travel with us to Martinborough on weekends.

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4 Responses to Furry interloper

  1. Dan MacGibbon says:

    Nice furry interloper…

  2. Guy says:

    Training a cat to commute!? perhaps you should get a big bengal and walk it around on a leash. Martinborough needs a town eccentric.

  3. Fred Frazier says:

    Maybe a wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi would fit in nicely? 🙂

    They work their way into our hearts so easily, quickly, and deeply…and we are blessed.
    (God bless our Corgi – Cooper – we lost him last night 2-18-09 …way too young to go. We’ll never forget him).

    Wish you sincere luck in finding a cat that can measure up to the high standards set by Bob.

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