All clear for a new family member

The small cat we called Felix, which took us over in Martinborough, is gone. Felix’s family, which he was obviously not fond of, has decamped from its home near the back of our property. We did love little Felix, but he was going to be a problem in early July, when we’re due to get the burmese kitten who will replace Bob. Felix was becoming very territorial about our place and would frogmarch another neighbour’s cat from ‘his’ property. That cat was twice Felix’s size, so heaven knows what he’d have done to a kitten.

Felix outside his real home. He much preferred our place.

Felix outside his (former) real home. He preferred our place.

So we’re sorry to see you go, Felix, but relieved at the same time. We’re not sorry to see your family go – it was a party house and we got very tired of thumping bass from  their stereo.

Earlier post about Felix here.

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