First look at our new kitten

One of the burmese kittens we looked at yesterday. This is a male seal.

One of the burmese kittens we looked at yesterday. This is a male seal.

Yesterday we had a first look at the litter of burmese kittens we’ll be choosing one from. They were born on 24 April and we’ll be able to take one away on 10 July. kittylegsWe’ll go back in a few weeks’ time and choose our one. They’re all much the same at the moment, with no obvious individual personalities. All we know is that we’ll have a male seal kitten. They were all seals except for one chocolate which has already been spoken for.

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5 Responses to First look at our new kitten

  1. gecko says:

    He’s beautiful! I couldn’t stop at one! Lol.

  2. Carey2 says:

    Could I interest you in a trade in?

    We have one slightly used (but still in very good condition) seal female to trade for one of your georgeous boys above.

    Advantages of trading with me………
    House trained already (well apart from #1’s in handbasins on wet days)
    Already speyed – no signs of any prowling in last 11 years, actually no signs of much in last 11 years!
    Healthy – apart from incredibly bad halitosis
    Mentally – slightly unstable at times, but despite psychological issues still makes a good hotwater bottle for these cold nights (and all day too if required)

  3. I think I’ll pass on your mog, but thanks for the dubious offer anyway.

  4. Su says:

    Ah. Little baby kitten! I want one. I want one so bad.

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