A solution to the W(h)anganui woes

Why  change Wanganui’s spelling to Whanganui? Surely not because whanganui means ‘large harbour’? Where’s the large harbour?

Looks like a wide upside-down river to me.

Let’s steer clear of both warring factions and, in the interests of accuracy, go for a new name altogether: Waipara North.

Wai= water.

Para=sediment, mud.

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1 Response to A solution to the W(h)anganui woes

  1. Aue, aue!

    There’s much truth in what you say John. We in Whanganui are blessed with para in plenty.


    Whanganui also means big heaven, big bay and – most notably – BIG MOUTH. Our esteemed mayor – by indulging in his usual endearingly obnoxious and abusive ways – has lent considerable verisimilitude to the the linguistic claims of the tangata whenua.


    I elicited a lot of comment about this debate here:

    “Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au”


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