Best granddaughter in the world?

We’ve had a lovely visit from our daughter Su and our first grandchild Sadie – Su’s daughter. It was great to see them again and wonderful to experience Sadie as a toddler. Last time they were out from London she was a baby.

Without a shadow of a doubt, she is the best granddaughter in the world. But don’t just take my biased word for it. Here’s the evidence, filmed by a proud grandfather:

Sadie had learned or invented a new word and was excitedly trying it out on us. Not even her mother could translate.

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3 Responses to Best granddaughter in the world?

  1. Su says:

    Yes, she is the best isn’t she?

  2. Dee says:

    Oh my goodness, she truly is adorable. I wish I could see her and cuddle her. How can you stand living so far away from her and only getting to see her occasionally?

  3. Glen says:

    Glad to see that the very placid baby we met in London has become such a fetching toddler. Well done Su! Merry Christmas to all MacGibbons in their far-flung haunts – may 2010 (can it really be?) treat you all well.

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