Bottled water – resist the fad!

Why do we keep buying water in plastic bottles when it’s rarely better than the water out of your tap – and often it’s worse? When the stuff probably came out of a tap in the first place – not from a spring bubbling up from a primeval source of water that predates the Industrial Revolution. And the mountains of discarded plastic bottles are an environmental disaster. If ever there was a good example of being suckered into a fad, this must be it.

In March this year an excellent little animated video about bottled water was released by the Story of Stuff organisation. Here it is:

Fiji Water, which you pay through the nose for  in the best restaurants, comes out of this video particularly badly. But not just in the video. If you don’t mind sifting through a deluge of hits, enter “what’s wrong with fiji water” into Google.

Yes, I do buy bottled water – about one a year to replace the bottle I refill at my gym and manage to lose from time to time.

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2 Responses to Bottled water – resist the fad!

  1. Bill Carter says:

    While I equally deplore the bottled water fad, there are some of us who live in places like Paraparaumu where the water tastes bad. I can understand those who want a better taste. It’s a pleasure to drink Christchurch water, but the best is my Chathams rainwater.

  2. kutarere says:

    John, if you gave up the gym you wouldn’t even have to buy a replacement bottle!!

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