Regrettably deja vu, but nice all the same

After the tragic road death of Java, our beloved Burmese cat, we knew there would be a replacement at some stage. For us, living without a cat is not an option, but we thought we’d wait a fair while. Then we learned that Java’s breeders, Bob and Nicki MacKenzie, had a new litter from the same parents Java had. At the same time we had an email from my brother Peter, who last year lost a teenage Burmese (also hit by a car). He and Doris had agonised over whether to get a replacement straight away, but decided to anyway. Peter said they were very glad they did and advised us to consider it. So this afternoon we called in and looked at the kittens, which will be available to take away in August.

Liz holding the chocolate Burmese kitten we have ordered. Nicky MacKenzie is holding one of his brothers in the background.

Here’s the litter of kittens. Ours is the light coloured one.

The deja vu part of this post’s headline is that I wrote something very similar only a year ago.

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6 Responses to Regrettably deja vu, but nice all the same

  1. Dan MacGibbon says:

    I will be coming around the day he comes to live with you.

  2. Moon Over Martinborough says:

    Sounds like it was meant to be that you get a new kitten now. Happy you’ve got a relative of Java. And so sorry to hear about Java.

  3. Carey2 says:

    Do what the rest of us do…… get 2 kittens. Then they might stay at home and play together insted of going on road trips exploring….besides it is one each to cuddle.
    Great news

  4. If they were like Java they would egg each other on and make longer and longer explorations! Besides, two would cost $900!

  5. Glen says:

    Excellent news. I vowed not to get another the day Zen died and it took me two whole days to weaken and to locate a ten-day old Ches.

  6. Su says:

    When it finally dawned on Sadie that Java was indeed gone, she pragmatically said ‘Well Nana and Grandad need to get another one’ (!) And when I told Paulo you were getting another one he said ‘Oh thank God’.
    Yes, this is the right decision. It would be ridiculous to think there was no cat at your place.

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