Lindis landforms

I’ve always liked driving over the Lindis Pass between Tarras and Omarama, but I’ve never managed to capture on camera what I feel about those lovely tussock clad hills. I came closer a week ago as I made my way home after dropping off my American friends Fred and Lynn at Queenstown Airport.

I’d hoped to get some good photos on on the way south, using my brand-new Panasonic Lumix DMZ-TZ10 (known in America as the DMC-ZS7). But the light was dull and clouds obscured most of the better landforms. Things were a little better on the return journey. Some sun was filtering through lowering clouds that had just unleashed their rain. I was able to grab some quick shots from the roadside and appreciated the added flexibility the big zoom range gave me. It’s equivalent to 25mm to 300mm on a traditional 35mm SLR.

I had no tripod and no time to use one anyway – these had to be quick grabshots, given the rapidly changing weather and light. Though some of the zoomed-in shots are a litle soft, the camera’s anti-shake did a great job.

All the shots below can be clicked for a larger view.

Heading into 'the Lindis'.

A magical landscape

Same view, but well zoomed in, with the darkened range of hills behind the clouds.

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1 Response to Lindis landforms

  1. Tracy Z says:

    The clouds are amazing in these photos, I especially like the very first one.

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