Bright spark in London

Last night I video-chatted via Skype to my daughter Su and her three-year-old, Sadie. This morning I woke up to this post on my Facebook wall:

“I was putting tape on Sadie’s mouth to keep her quiet. She pipes up, ‘I have an idea, come here mummy.’ Like a fool I do as I am told. She puts this above my lip and shouts, ‘hello Grandad!'”

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2 Responses to Bright spark in London

  1. Su says:

    I guess in this hyper sensitive age to having fun mucking around, I should clarify that we were ‘mucking around and having fun’ and I was not actually ‘gagging’ her!

  2. paulo says:

    mucking around and having fun in my office? thats the first I saw of this. need to have a word with Sadie’s mum

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