Cats are where the warmth is

It’s finally feeling like winter at our Martinborough weekender cottage and today we lit the woodburner stove in the kitchen and the open fire in the living room. This was greatly appreciated by Chino, who loves fire. He’s always been fascinated by an iPad app which shows an endless movie of a fireplace with crackling flames. The real thing is even better. (Click to enlarge the photos.)

On a rocking chair in front of an open fire. What more could a cat ask for?

On the mantlepiece above the woodburner in the kitchen

Not very long ago Chino was soaking up warmth from the sun – chronicled here. How very catlike…

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2 Responses to Cats are where the warmth is

  1. Moon Over Martinborough says:

    We had a HelpX volunteer (like a Woofer) with us for a couple weeks recently. She was from Hong Kong and she was part cat, I’m certain. She curled up on the floor in front of the wood burner every chance she got. Hope you’re staying warm this winter.

  2. John MacGibbon says:

    On Saturday Chino forgot he was on such narrow ledge, starting rolling around and fell a considerable distance to the floor. He landed on four legs and was undamaged. Unfortunately it didn’t put him off the mantlepiece.

    What is a Woofer? I’ve never heard of that or a HelpX.

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