Google Voice howlers

Today, on my brand-new Ideos X5 Android smartphone (of which more in a forthcoming post), I tested the voice-to-text option, which is available via a microphone icon on the keyboard. It uses Google Voice, which is available on any computer equipped with a microphone. The results were mixed. Sometimes it produced text that was perfectly coherent, but at other times…well, here’s an example:

I said: “I wonder if it will work – I’ll soon find out.”

Google text: “I got some hoes in Iran.”

I followed up with: “I got some hoes in Iran.”

Google text: “Suck my dick would be useful to the right hands.”

Not quite ready for prime time!

Imagine the technology being used to transcribe Hansard. That would be interesting.

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2 Responses to Google Voice howlers

  1. Carey2 says:

    Maybe it’s just your accent that confuses the phone!

  2. John MacGibbon says:

    It would probably help if I spoke like an American, but it’s hard to see how my speech could morph so far. I wonder if someone at Google has been playing silly buggers and has set up cocksucking to be triggered by a particular combination of sounds.

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