A friend who works at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has sent me a wonderful example of writing from that center’s Daily News staff communication.

Spaceport Innovators Today: Facilitating Disruptive Innovation

Spaceport Innovators is a KSC cross-directorate open group that improves the center by fostering innovation through collaboration, communication and the sharing of knowledge.

When: Today, Feb.16, 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Where: Headquarters, Room 3225

Who: KSC civil servant and contractor employees

Representatives from Pennsylvania State University’s Applied Research Lab will be presenting their approach to innovation called Disruptive Innovators Community of Thought (DIcot). DIcot leverages cultural changes provided by social networking technologies to attract and engage untapped innovative thinkers for enabling discovery of transformational mechanisms and strategies that define unrealized trade spaces and provide early recognition of disruptive/discontinuous innovation threads.

It seems this sort of language is par for the course at NASA. To my admiration for the sheer quality of this example, my friend’s response was: “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, this is NASA we’re talkin’ ’bout.  Nuttin’ but the best of the best here.”

When I asked if blogging about it would cause any problems, he replied, “Heck no.  You can’t hide STUPID….chuckle.”

Straight into the Mangled Writing Hall of Fame

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1 Response to Gobbledygook

  1. Clare Lynch says:

    Oh dear, sounds like the rocket scientists have been nobbled by the management consultants.

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