Demolition and beyond

Bruce demolished the back part of our house this week. Not a big job, it seems. Came down like a house of cards. Wood borer had been busy for many years and none of the timber was worth saving. Unfortunately the concrete floor could not be preserved – the Council said no. Foundations for the new room have to be reconstructed from the ground up, even though the old concrete floor was well below the level of the new floor. So there’s plenty of stuff for the dump.


Wednesday morning, when I turned up to work in Martinborough for the rest of the week and keep an eye on progress. The house was somewhat reduced.


Looking across from a very mangled back lawn.


Bruce and his offsider Dylan starting work on the foundations in the cold after a good frost. They enjoyed morning tea inside with the wood stove roaring.

Foundations work later in the morning.


What we didn’t want to see but were not surprised by: rot in the north-west corner of the house. Not good but could have been worse…

Following day…concrete removed and work continuing on the foundations. The plank at bottom right shows the extent of the new verandah.

Video of foundations work:


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