Espresso cat

Another freezing winter day in Martinborough and Chino has found a new warm place to park his bum: our espresso coffee machine.

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4 Responses to Espresso cat

  1. Carey2 says:

    Hope you enjoy your cuppa-Chinos as much as he is. Freezing here too.

  2. Dan MacGIbbon says:

    We got our new dryer today. We thought Bruce might like sitting on the warm top of it but he’s not really into it. He doesn’t like technology. In fact, he’s terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

  3. jmacg says:

    I think most cats hate vacuum cleaners. They must produce a strange sound in a fequency we can’t hear.

  4. Sherievon says:

    Intelligent cat! My fatty Birman would love to sit in a warm place like that but I doubt she could hoist her behind up onto ours.

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