Strange frost patterns on our car


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3 Responses to Frost-on-car-1

  1. Soojin Yoo says:

    Would you give me a permissin to use your beautiful picture ‘Frost – on Car 1’ for my science book which I’m writing for middle school students in my country? I’m now writing a part about ‘sublimation’ and try to explain about frost. Your beautiful picture help students to understand more easily. Please forgive me my poor English. Thank you ~ Soojin

  2. jmacg says:

    Certainly you may use the photo. Perhaps you could send me your explanation for the frost patterns, and then I’ll understand why the patterns occurred.

  3. Soojin Yoo says:

    Thank you for giving me your permission for using your beautiful photo !
    Frost forms at dawn with no wind, and the temperature get down below freezing. When the moisture in the air was momentarily frozen when it touch such a cold object (like your car)…that’s why you can see such a beautiful ice pattern on your car in the morning.
    Oh…I wish I can explain more exactly in English. ^^;; I will tell you more about my work and me very soon !!

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