Wet, wet, wet


Will we ever get the foundations poured so the framework can go up? Our build job is getting delayed, week after week after week, mainly by wet weather. Rain has kept Bruce off the job and a couple of weeks ago it prevented concrete being poured. The reinforcing steel was finally in place and we just required an OK from the Council building inspector.

Then the heavens opened and some of Bruce’s excavations turned to slush. The inspector made him remove all the steel and dig things out again. The inspector admitted that if he’d come two days earlier he would given approval.

Last Thursday all was ready for pouring again and the concrete truck was booked. Where was the inspector to OK things? Sorry, not available until next Monday, said a Council staff member. I arrived from Wellington just after Bruce got the bad news. Normally a pretty mild sort of character, Bruce was spitting tacks. He got in touch with the inspector himself and managed to get him along on Friday morning. The inspector gave the green light, so hopefully, concreting can start next week…weather permitting.


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