Dublin St extensions – still excruciatingly slow

It’s more than three weeks since my last post on building progress. At that stage the foundations had finally been finished, about two months overdue, mainly because of Martinborough’s wettest winter in years. Since then the framing should have been up and the roof under construction. But no, progress remains excruciatingly slow, to a fair extent because of continued wet weather. All that’s been built is the decking. Bruce wanted to do this first so he would have a clean and dry (ha!) staging area where he could work on the framing.

Decking on the north side. French doors will give access to this area, which will be under a verandah. Enclosed on the upper left is our precious tangelo tree, which (most of it anyway) is being preserved at all costs. Over the back is the St Andrews Church hall.

Decking along the east side, also to be covered by a verandah.

East side decking looking north through the present kitchen window, which will be replaced by our new back door. The spouting going across the decking is temporarily carrying rainwater from the existing roof.


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2 Responses to Dublin St extensions – still excruciatingly slow

  1. F Frazier says:

    Thanks for that update. What kind of wood do they use for your exterior decking?

    Having it go so slowly must be agonizing!

  2. jmacg says:

    As far as I know it’s treated Pinus Radiata.

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