Wall frames up at last

Great progress on the house extensions this week. The weather’s been good, Bruce is over his flu and now we have walls! Only framing, but at least it’s starting to feel like a room.

I came over from Wellington last night and found that the east and west wall frames had been erected. Framing for the longer north wall was lying on the concrete slab, partly constructed. Bruce and his offsider Dylan were back today – completed the north frame, erected it, and constructed the sub frame to go under the rafters.

Our builder, Bruce Henderson, cutting dwangs (blocking to Americans and nogs to some Kiwis) to complete the north frame.

Securing dwangs with the nail gun

Wall framing complete

Our cat Chino greatly appreciated his temporary climbing frame:

It was an easy jump to the first dwang but it was a while before he got to the second level, which of course was perpendicularly above him. But I saw him do it – a wee leap then dragging himself up, paw over paw. He must have done the same thing to get to the third level. Getting quite high by that stage and no way down except for a 2.4 metre jump to concrete. I rescued him, then made life easier for both of us by putting a stepladder against the wall.

During the afternoon Bruce constructed a sub frame that will be placed east-west on the outer roof line of the existing lean-to part of the house. New rafters will go across this frame, leading back to where the existing lean-to roof butts against the main part of the house. The existing roof will be hidden underneath one long new roof.

Pondering the next move.


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6 Responses to Wall frames up at last

  1. F Frazier says:

    Excellent! It’s really starting to look like a room now. I bet that’s a good feeling.

    That’s quite a nailgun Bruce is using. Is that electric or compressed explosive gas cartridge? All my guns use a compressed air hose…much cheaper but sure is as pain to drag that hose all around the place. Of course even that is a wonderful modern extravagance over a good old hammer. My gun worked wonderfully for putting nearly 16,000 nails in my roof a few years ago when I put that coating on.

    The pictures are great – thanks!

  2. Peter MacGibbon says:

    Your dwangs are also nogs.. Keep up!

    On 31 August 2012 21:03, Martinborough Musings

  3. hakepa says:

    Nice to see a vintage tradesman with the confidence to put all the dwangs in before placing the frame,.and the lintel is properly mortised.

  4. jmacg says:

    I had a discussion about this with Bruce yesterday. In his view, 98% of builders call them dwangs, but that organisations like BRANZ do call them nogs. Bill Carter disagrees that 98% of builders would call them dwangs and reckons most builders in their 40s or younger are more likely to call them nogs. It’s clear that old buggers call them dwangs and as I admit to being an old bugger, I shall call them dwangs!

  5. Neil says:

    Dwangs, nobs,…..Not familiar with the beasts. If they are the horizontal pieces, they are not (at least commonly not) used here in Canada. Just a straight 2×4. “Dwangs” would interfere with insulation and utilities. Then our wood is much denser.

  6. jmacg says:

    So within a wall frame, Canadians would only have vertical studs between the top and bottom plates?

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