Verandahs up

Progress still slow – not helped last week by Bruce taking on an extra job on Wednesday that was supposed to take just one day. It was a wet day, so fair enough – he couldn’t have worked on our place. But the job lasted until Friday afternoon and he missed two good fine days on our job. Grrrr…

In the ten days since I was last here there had been some progress: the posts plus most of the rafters for the two verandahs had been installed. Also the two large rafters on each side of the main structure.

The photos below show this work. Since they were taken, Liz and I have painted the rafters so Bruce can install the roofing iron.

Bill and Kay Carter stopped by today and declared the standard of building work to be excellent.

Things that come to try us…today we had to replace the element in our hot water cylinder – just as we were about to get a new larger cylinder. More money down the drain. We can’t even blame it on the age of our current cylinder, because it was replaced about a year ago. I don’t think our long-suffering electrician, Bill Stephen, appreciated it much, because  the cylinder is up in the roof, the access is difficult, he he’s no younger than I am. The new, larger cylinder will be at ground level. Amen to that. We’ll be glad to get that cylinder out of the roof space.

East verandah, looking from the north. The new back door will be where the present kitchen window is.

East verandah. looking from south-east.

North decking and verandah.


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