Spring busting out

It was a long, wet winter after a wet summer and autumn. But almost exactly since the first of September the rainfall has been low to average, the weather’s been mild and there have been remarkably few southerly relapses or nor-wester poundings. Spring flowers have busted out and Bruce has powered ahead on our house extensions.

Yes spring is a great time in our garden and as we only see it in the weekends, the changes seem more dramatic. That’s one thing we’ll miss when we move over permanently, later this year.

This blog has featured spring flowers in earlier years, here and here.

This garden at the back of our section among fruit trees and a grapevine, come to life every spring with the daffoldils, marigolds and lupins Liz planted among the profusion of cheerful wild forget-me-nots. (Click the photos to enlarge.)

Cherry blossom early on a foggy morning.

Twin blessings: last weekend the clematis dangling over our neighbours Ed and Vicky’s corrugated iron fence burst into life. And daylight saving time began.

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1 Response to Spring busting out

  1. F Frazier says:

    I bet you’ve got a happy crew of bees there now! Beautiful flowers.

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