Gardening with a sledgehammer

Today we’re trying to rescue our  garden, which was seriously mangled by the digger and truck that ran over it many times while our soakpit was constructed. After a very wet late summer and autumn, the soil was soft and the heavy vehicles compacted it way down. Then unseasonable amounts of rain kept falling through the winter.

Last weekend I dug over the garden, but the soil was anything but friable. It turned over in huge chunks. Today I’m trying the break these up and the slegehammer has come in handy. But even the resurrected garden is full of hard clods that would be more useful in the hands of young Palestinians. It will be a while before the soil is returned to its former good self.

The task screams out for a motorised rotary hoe, but where do you find one these days? We’ve had a couple of Martinborough’s more knowledgeable people hunting for someone with a rotary hoe, with no luck. All they’ve found so far is a large rotary hoe pulled by a Ferguson tractor. No thanks!

In other parts of the garden, which were fortunately never run over by the heavy machinery, we’re struggling to remove heavy clay excavated from foundation ditches.


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3 Responses to Gardening with a sledgehammer

  1. Carey2 says:

    If no rotary hoe can be found, a couple of Student Job Search young males would do the trick

  2. jmacg says:

    We thought we had something similar lined up here, but in the end, while the young man concerned needed money to feed and care for his boy racer car, he didn’t seem to be able to make the connection between money and work.

  3. Carey2 says:

    “boy racer car” should have been a big enough hint that he wouldn’ t be a starter….or a finisher!

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