Joinery in – most of it anyway

We arrived last night to find that the new room was completely enclosed – the French door and windows were installed.

(Click to enlarge)


The only door that’s not installed yet is the future back door. It can be seen leaning in position against the present kitchen window. The new window in the middle of the new wall will be bordered by green boards and a green windowsill, like the windows in the old part of the house.

Bruce is looking for a recycled old-style window that will be installed to the left of the new window, in the future toilet. It replaces a rotten window that had to be removed.

The white door gives access to the ‘outrigger’ area we added to house the hotwater cylinder and spare linen. It, along with the new weatherboards, will be painted the same Dutch White as the rest of the house, but again with a green trim.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard to rehabilitate the garden area, and a crop of potatoes is doing well.


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1 Response to Joinery in – most of it anyway

  1. F Frazier says:

    Wow looking good! Must make you guys really happy to see that!

    Boy everything just barely clears your precious tree…that was tight!

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