Almost finished view of east verandah

Now we have two new windows installed on the east veranda, I couldn’t resist jumping the gun a little and painting most of the area to see how it will look from the street. It follows the colour scheme of the old part of the house, with Resene Dutch White on the weatherboards and Resene Kaitoke Green on the window and door facings, and window sills. I finished the windows and door, but there’s only one coat on the weatherboards.

An impressive potato crop and the house doesn’t look too bad either.

View from the south. The small window in the foreground had to be taken out of the present kitchen so the plumber could get at some pipes. It will be replaced by the big door behind it, but at the end of the job. In the meantime our kitchen is gloomy, with only one smallish window. (Which was all it had before we added the double window in 1999.) The small window in the wall to its right is new/second hand – replacing a rotten window in the toilet. Paint on the weatherboards hasn’t been taken right down to the decking yet. The door, kindly given to us by Angela Sears, opens into a tiny room for the hot water cylinder and linen.

It’s a pity the inside work still has a fair way to go.

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2 Responses to Almost finished view of east verandah

  1. Neil says:

    No porch or verandah is complete without a “to be well used” scruffy couch!

  2. jmacg says:

    We’re a scruffy North Dunedin flat?

    There will be situpons, though probably not as comfy as a couch. Perhaps we should have a double swing chair?

    Kitchen now going in a couple of weeks early, on 23 Nov, so we might be in business by Xmas now.

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