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How can I get a slice of this?

I just went to the Amazon website to see if my first published book, Going Abroad, was listed among its second hand books. It was, and at mouth-watering  prices: US$271 to US$375. Not bad, considering it’s been listed on the Ngaio … Continue reading

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Grassroots rugby

We recently went back to Sky Sport after several years without it and this morning I discovered Grassroots Rugby. The first two matches, both in the country, were great – such an antidote to slicked-up Super Rugby razzamatazz. PioPio played … Continue reading

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Burnishing bullshit with buzzwords

LinkedIn is a social media site with a business focus. But while it largely eschews Facebook-type trivia, it thrives on organisational bullshit. Today I got a link request from someone I didn’t know, who clothed patent inadequacy in all the … Continue reading

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