Burnishing bullshit with buzzwords

LinkedIn-LogoLinkedIn is a social media site with a business focus. But while it largely eschews Facebook-type trivia, it thrives on organisational bullshit.

Today I got a link request from someone I didn’t know, who clothed patent inadequacy in all the trendy organisational clichéd buzzwords she could think of.

She needn’t have thought hard – such garbage is everywhere.

I checked out her personal profile. The summary read:

I have a strong marketing, design and digital/social media background. I am client focused and take a proactive approach to all projects I am involved in. I love a challenge, my desire to deliver above expectations ensures your project will be delivered on time, on budget and with outstanding customer service. I have a bubbly and refreshing personality and often provide the office humor 🙂

Her current offering reads:

October 2012 – Present (7 months)
Helping world class organisations triumph by challenging the status quo: Software projects can be creative, fun and deliver real business value quickly. 3months builds innovative, future-proof and attractive web and mobile applications. Using the latest open source technologies, the smartest developers and a proven Agile process.

It  doesn’t say if she works on her own or for another organisation. Her earlier jobs included being a photographer, an account manager at a couple of digital print bureaus and managing a gym. All quite short-term positions.

How is this person qualified to do what she says she does, working with ‘world class organisations’? Indeed, with any organisation?

Any business that would fall for such generic, clichéd crap deserves her.

I declined the link invitation.

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2 Responses to Burnishing bullshit with buzzwords

  1. Peter MacGibbon says:

    I get, or I should say got, yonks of requests from LinkedIn. Got, because some time ago I instructed Gmail to treat them as spam.

  2. And then there are those who are ‘passionate’ about things no sane person would be passionate about: real estate, SEO and sales. Sometimes you need to keep one of those airline sick bags handy when reading Linkedin profiles.

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