How can I get a slice of this?

I just went to the Amazon website to see if my first published book, Going Abroad, was listed among its second hand books. It was, and at mouth-watering  prices: US$271 to US$375.

Not bad, considering it’s been listed on the Ngaio Press website for NZ$60. I sold another today at that price. As I now have only 10 copies left, scarcity value rules and I’ve increased the price to $75. Still a comparative bargain!

This is the highest I’ve ever seen it listed at Amazon America – where it’s often been US$150 or so. Amazon UK once had it for £275, at a time when the pound was actually worth something.

Does anyone actually pay this much for a book they could easily find for a fraction of the cost on the Ngaio Press website? Google finds the listing pretty easily if you search for terms like ‘Scottish Emigration’.

Beats me.

Going Abroad at Amazon

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2 Responses to How can I get a slice of this?

  1. Fred Frazier says:

    Like the little kid sitting at his Lemonade stand with a sign up for $10/glassand no customers. When questioned about it his response is, Yeah, but all Ive got to do is sell ONE glass!

    That is pretty absurd alright. Its (evidently) all about profit margins to them, rather than volume sales and an honest profit. Shopper beware!


  2. Carey2 says:

    Maybe I should sell my copies thru Amazon, then get replacements from you! Just a thought

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