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Maori graves in Martinborough

On an early bike ride this morning I stopped off  at the Martinborough Cemetery in Puruatanga Road. It was a lovely morning – completely calm and the sun was just coming up. On an earlier visit I’d spent most of … Continue reading

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Quality sportswriting in the Dom-Post

From an article about the Hurricanes rugby team’s early-season performance. These are consecutive paragraphs: The worry for Boyd was whether the rest of the side would take up the slack. Goodes has been a revelation. He got his chance, when … Continue reading

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Jacobean climbing lily

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Wireless charging is great

Wireless charging of mobile devices with the Qi standard was supposed to be a next big thing, but it’s never really taken off. The standard hasn’t been adopted by either of the biggies – Apple and Samsung. The last few … Continue reading

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Apple’s reality distortion field cranking up again

I’ve read more than enough crap about the fucking Apple Watch while the company builds a reality distortion field ahead of the product launch. The late mastershyster Steve Jobs couldn’t have done any better and media shills are falling for … Continue reading

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