Apple’s reality distortion field cranking up again

I’ve read more than enough crap about the fucking Apple Watch while the company builds a reality distortion field ahead of the product launch. The late mastershyster Steve Jobs couldn’t have done any better and media shills are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

ApplewatchIt’s one thing to praise a product after it’s launched and if it has proved it’s worth, but the unending praise I’ve read about this untried watch – for many months now – has been appalling. Once again tech journalists, and increasingly mainstream journalists, are rolling over and being Apple’s unpaid shills.

From Cnet this morning:
Tim Cook says Apple Watch will ‘tap’ you out of your laziness
“The upcoming smartwatch will remind you to get up and move since “sitting is the new cancer,” says Apple’s CEO.”

Would that it could tap journalists out of their laziness…

This has been going on since last September’s product announcement and it will get worse between now and the actual launch in April. I suppose we’ll see the usual idiots lining up at Apple stores at midnight on launch eve, getting the usual breathless TV coverage.

Disclaimer: I admit I can’t get excited about the notion of a smart watch from Apple or any other manufacturer. I really don’t mind pulling my phone from my pocket to check email or reminders. I can even make it vibrate. And telling the time? My four year old Timex watch does it beautifully and it’s still chugging along on the battery it came with. Why would I want to charge up my watch every night so I can tell the time?

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