Follow-up on Evernote and OneNote

I had mixed success yesterday converting my Evernote database to OneNote. However, I was on the right track and I think I was going to be completely successful. I just ran out of time. I was pleased that the Evernote notes transferred completely, including graphics. I wasn’t impressed with the OneNote user interface, but I guess I’d get used to that.

But there’s a further spanner in the works.

While OneNote works on my Nexus 5 phone, I can’t install it on my Asus ZenPad Z580CA tablet, which is a grunty machine with storage and RAM to burn. OneNote downloads from the PlayStore, but gets stuck at the installation stage. The word ‘Installing’ appears and stays forever. I’ve tried installing several times and rebooted the device several times during the process. 

I spent some time in a text chat with Microsoft, but they couldn’t help and asked me to contact Asus. I went to Asus chat and they told me to talk to Microsoft! 

Interesting that Microsoft Word installed OK from the PlayStore. It’s from the same stable as OneNote.

I suspect that things might not improve until my tablet gets an OS update. It’s still only on Android 5.0, which is appalling for a model that was released less than a year ago. (However, to be fair, this ancient OS has only been a (possible) problem with OneNote.)

I asked the Asus rep if an update can be expected and she said yes,  but didn’t know when. Then I asked her if she knew there would definitely be an update and she admitted she didn’t know.

Looks like I’ll be staying with Evernote, even at its increased cost, until I can make OneNote work on my tablet. An app like this has to work on all my devices.

I must say that the text chat system worked well. I was answered straight away by both Microsoft and Asus. The Microsoft person (in India) was clued up and helpful, even if he couldn’t help in the end. The Asus person was not as good. But at least I didn’t have to wait 45 minutes before I got no help at all.

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2 Responses to Follow-up on Evernote and OneNote

  1. Bill Bennett says:

    This is exactly why I avoid – and am critical – of Android. You can’t trust all the imcompatibilities and inconsistencies when the chips are down. Windows, OSX and iOS are not perfect, but this mess would be rare in those worlds, while it’s an everyday thing with Android.

  2. jmacg says:

    I’d like to know where all Bill’s ‘incompatibilities and inconsistencies’ are. Apple fans like to say that the variety of OS versions in Android-land causes such problems. The claim sounds reasonable in theory, but in practice it’s rarely a problem. As my post says, OneNote is the only app that’s caused me any problems, even through my OS version is behind the 8-ball. Sure there can be problems with very old versions – say 2.x or 3.x – of Android, but old versions of iOS don’t cut the mustard either. It’s one of the reasons I bailed from the iPad world. I’ve never regretted that decision. The virtues of Android, particularly its easier interface with the outside world, make up for any deficiencies.

    Certainly Android has far less ‘mess’, as you put it, than in the Windows world. When I bought a new Windows 10 laptop I hoped to sell my former Windows 7 professional-use machine. No chance. I have to keep the old dunger to run programs that Windows 10 doesn’t want to know about. In comparison, the Android world is a model of compatibility.

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