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Simple Launcher for Android phones

For the past few months I’ve been a voluntary coach at a New Zealand programme called Digital Seniors, which is being piloted here in Wairarapa. Most of our advice and tweaking during the clinics we hold in the region’s towns … Continue reading

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Violating mobile device patents

Here’s something that looks like the back of an Android phone. It’s just a shade bigger than my Galaxy Nexus, and though it lacks a camera lens, it’s an obvious ripoff. Except that it is a plastic case containing a … Continue reading

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Worms turn

The worm turns. And having turned, turns again. Once upon a time, in the 1980s, I used Apple computers and wrote about them for publications in New Zealand and the USA. I was a fan. By the time I went … Continue reading

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Sometimes Apple drives me up the wall

I love my iPad but sometimes I despair of it – and Apple. I have a particular spreadsheet file I use daily that I store  in my marvellous Dropbox folder. That sends my file to the computing cloud, so I … Continue reading

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Google Voice howlers

Today, on my brand-new Ideos X5 Android smartphone (of which more in a forthcoming post), I tested the voice-to-text option, which is available via a microphone icon on the keyboard. It uses Google Voice, which is available on any computer … Continue reading

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