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Worms turn

The worm turns. And having turned, turns again. Once upon a time, in the 1980s, I used Apple computers and wrote about them for publications in New Zealand and the USA. I was a fan. By the time I went … Continue reading

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A convert to the Kindle eReader

I’m a convert to the Kindle eReader. But I’m not a convert from ink and paper. No, I converted from the iPad, much touted by Apple as giving the ultimate ereading experience. For about a year, nearly all my personal … Continue reading

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It’s an iPad world

I succumbed and bought an iPad. I wasn’t going to – I should have followed my usual rule of waiting until the second generation of a new product. And I wasn’t going to buy Apple anyway, on principle. I’d long … Continue reading

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eBooks and the iPad – implications for publishers

There’s much talk overseas about the new Apple iPad taking over from established e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, and finally persuading the masses to read books on an electronic tablet instead of paper. This may or may not be correct, … Continue reading

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This decade’s epochal event?

The epochal event of the decade happened last weekend. That’s right – the iPad tablet computer emerged from Steve Jobs’s reality distortion field. Correction: the iPad is still in that field, so is Jobs and so are gadget freaks the … Continue reading

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