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More apostrophical crimes

All power to the South Wairarapa Adult Learning Association (SWALA) in Martinborough, for providing adult education courses. Good on them. But I sincerely hope the content of their literacy and writing courses is better than the content of this poster … Continue reading

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Correctly English in 100 days

Tortured Chinglish is nothing new. Consider this book, published by the Shanghai Correctly English Society, in 1934. The blurb reads: “This book is prepared for the young man who wishes to served for the foreign firms. It divided nealy hundred … Continue reading

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Apostrophical crimes

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Truth in wine description

Winemakers and wine critics are responsible for some of the most pretentious crap that ever flowed out of a word processor. But I did enjoy these descriptions from a Marlborough winemaker. Each starts with the usual tosh, then degenerates into … Continue reading

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