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Espresso cat

Another freezing winter day in Martinborough and Chino has found a new warm place to park his bum: our espresso coffee machine.

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Cats are where the warmth is

It’s finally feeling like winter at our Martinborough weekender cottage and today we lit the woodburner stove in the kitchen and the open fire in the living room. This was greatly appreciated by Chino, who loves fire. He’s always been … Continue reading

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It’s a great life when you’re a cat

There was a sunny patch on the sofa in our kitchen this morning. Chino made the most of it. (Click to enlarge) And later in the garden. Sun is where you find it.

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Is our cat kinky?

This afternoon our Burmese cat, Chino, was taking his ease on an old sack in our greenhouse, beside a battered old concrete griffin. Suddenly he took quite a shine to the old griffin, as these photos attest.    

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Welcome, Mochachino

We picked up our new chocolate Burmese kitten in Upper Hutt after work yesterday and brought him over to Martinborough. We were warned that he was a bit of a goer and we should consider renaming him Denis the Menace. … Continue reading

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