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Playing with filters

I’ve just found a filter plug-in that does a very different job of simulating a watercolour effect than the watercolour filter that is baked into Photoshop. It doesn’t handle the darkest areas convincingly and these parts need from further work, … Continue reading

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Two pro level graphics apps for the iPad

The iPad is becoming useful for professional graphics work. Originally it was no great shakes because the iPad tended to work with low resolution images (1024×768) and adjustments you made to photos naturally also emerged at low resolution. Now we’re … Continue reading

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Dramatic zoom on my new camera

The photos below dramatically show the extent of the 12x zoom on my new Panasonic Lumix DMZ-TZ10 (aka DMC-ZS7 in America). The shots are of a raft in the Karawau River near Queenstown, that picks up people after they’ve done … Continue reading

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Lindis landforms

I’ve always liked driving over the Lindis Pass between Tarras and Omarama, but I’ve never managed to capture on camera what I feel about those lovely tussock clad hills. I came closer a week ago as I made my way … Continue reading

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Visit to Florence, 2008

These are some photos I took on our 2008 visit to Florence, tossed into a slide show repository in the ‘cloud’ called Flixtime. The result is too gimmicky for my taste, but it was interesting and easy to play with … Continue reading

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