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Cutting communication to the bone

One of the Ngaio Press books I sell by mailorder is WOOL: a history of New Zealand’s wool industry. I co-wrote it with Bill Carter and published it ten years ago. There are a few cartons left and while it’s … Continue reading

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Cultural misunderstandings in a Chinese printing plant

When I need top quality printing for Ngaio Press at an affordable price, I usually head for Asia. When it’s full colour and hardback, there’s no sensible alternative. While I like to support local printers, they cost twice as much. … Continue reading

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Is it any wonder people are switching to ebooks?

Norwegian crimewriter Jo Nesbo is in Wellington for the New Zealand Arts Festival’s Readers and Writers Week and he’s making a splash on radio and television. Tomorrow there’s an in-store ‘Meet Jo Nesbo’ at Whitcoulls, where attendees can pick up … Continue reading

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Two pro level graphics apps for the iPad

The iPad is becoming useful for professional graphics work. Originally it was no great shakes because the iPad tended to work with low resolution images (1024×768) and adjustments you made to photos naturally also emerged at low resolution. Now we’re … Continue reading

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eBooks and the iPad – implications for publishers

There’s much talk overseas about the new Apple iPad taking over from established e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, and finally persuading the masses to read books on an electronic tablet instead of paper. This may or may not be correct, … Continue reading

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