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New Denver, British Columbia

We recently scooted through the tiny town of New Denver, British Columbia. One of the highlights was a cute headquarters for the mighty Valley Voice – a bi-weekly newspaper that promotes itself as being proudly “100 percent independently and locally … Continue reading

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Call me a curmudgeon, but…

There’s been a huge media wailfest about Prince Rogers Nelson since he died last week. The man is supposed to have been a total musical genius who changed music — if not mankind itself! Let’s get some perspective. Sorry you … Continue reading

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Future tipple

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Wireless charging is great

Wireless charging of mobile devices with the Qi standard was supposed to be a next big thing, but it’s never really taken off. The standard hasn’t been adopted by either of the biggies – Apple and Samsung. The last few … Continue reading

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Waikato truck driver gets uppity

So Tuheitia Paki, our Maori ‘king’, has refused to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their sprog during next month’s royal tour, on the grounds that the proposed 90-minute slot is simply not long enough. Even though it is … Continue reading

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