Eating à la Evernote Food

We’ve become enthusiasts for the Evernote Food app that stores recipes on our Android devices. (Also available for iOS devices.) It works great and is easy to read at the cookbench on either the phone or tablet.

'My recipes' list in Evernote Food on my phone.

‘My recipes’ list in Evernote Food on my phone.

It’s not hard to set up. In the first place you enter the recipes as notes in the free Evernote program on your computer or mobile device. Tag them as ‘recipe’. Evernote Food sees them on Evernote, grabs them and reformats them.

It’s quick and easy to add recipes to Evernote in the first place. Text and photos can be cut from a web browser and pasted  directly into Evernote. Or you can enter your own text into Evernote. Or, from within the Evernote app, you can use your phone’s camera to copy a recipe from a printed page.

The fried green tomatoes recipe opened up. The text is quite oarge and easy to read at the kitchen bench.

First page of the fried green tomatoes recipe, opened up. The text is quite large and easy to read at the kitchen bench.

Recipes look best in Evernote Food if they are illustrated. If you don’t have a suitable pic for a recipe you’ve entered into Evernote, photograph your own cooking or filch a photo from the web (Google Images is the best source). Paste it into the Evernote entry. (One nice thing about Evernote is that photos can be pasted in directly and don’t need to be saved onto your hard drive first and then imported.)

Liz is gradually transferring her thick sheaf of newspaper and magazine recipe clippings to Evernote Food.

Evernote Food's recipe search.

Evernote Food’s recipe search.

Serious foodies use Evernote on their smartphones to photograph dishes in restaurants, then add their own notes. These can also end up in Evernote Food.

Other features in Evernote food, which we haven’t done much with yet, include searching for recipes and looking up restaurants. Yes, they include some of our local eateries: Medici, Ingredient, Siam Kitchen and Village Cafe. The entries include photos and a Google location map. Restaurants in other towns and cities can also be checked out.

Restaurant searchI’ve previously written about Evernote here. It’s still one of the greatest free software bargains around. Evernote Food is a worthy free companion.

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