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Maori monarchy under fire

In March I had a go at the Maori ‘king’, Tuheitia Paki, in Waikato truck driver gets uppity. I called him a self-important, unelected, anachronistic twerp. Recently his son Korotangi, presumably a ‘prince’, made an even bigger ass of the … Continue reading

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Over-zealous Google fuzz artists

Liz and I head to Europe for a month early in August. We’re spending a week in Venice and I’ve beeen making good use of Google Maps to familiarise myself with the city. This afternoon I visited Caffè Florian in St … Continue reading

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Chromecast update gives me all I can eat

Google sent me a Chromecast app update last night and I had great fun as a result. I was able to send anything I could see on my Nexus 7 tablet to our TV screen. Previously this ability to ‘cast’ … Continue reading

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Her, him and their

From this morning: The official who let the Malaysian Government believe New Zealand was comfortable with a diplomat accused of attempted rape going home, should consider their career options, the prime minister says. I get pissed off when people … Continue reading

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