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!##@$%!! bureaucrats

In my part of a research and writing project on New Zealand’s e-waste situation, commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment, I’ve been tracking down import statistics for various IT and TV equipment. It’s been a mission. To get Statistics … Continue reading

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Poor man’s sunflowers

Last year we grew Jerusalem artichokes for the first time. They looked good in the garden with their height, lush foliage and cheerful yellow flowers that looked like a poor man’s sunflower or a large daisy on stilts. The plant … Continue reading

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Mesopotamia at the end of the road

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A wedding and Mr Whippy

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Correctly English in 100 days

Tortured Chinglish is nothing new. Consider this book, published by the Shanghai Correctly English Society, in 1934. The blurb reads: “This book is prepared for the young man who wishes to served for the foreign firms. It divided nealy hundred … Continue reading

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Dramatic zoom on my new camera

The photos below dramatically show the extent of the 12x zoom on my new Panasonic Lumix DMZ-TZ10 (aka DMC-ZS7 in America). The shots are of a raft in the Karawau River near Queenstown, that picks up people after they’ve done … Continue reading

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Lindis landforms

I’ve always liked driving over the Lindis Pass between Tarras and Omarama, but I’ve never managed to capture on camera what I feel about those lovely tussock clad hills. I came closer a week ago as I made my way … Continue reading

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