Being inspected

We had an important building inspection today, by Adrian from the South Wairarapa District Council. Any problems and we probably wouldn’t be in before Xmas. Fortunately everything passed except for non-installation of some roof flashings Bruce is waiting to get from the plumber.

Everything else can proceed – notably the interior lining, which is now urgent because the kitchen people want to do their installation on 23 November, a week earlier than their original date.

Bruce explaining his work to Adrian.

More discussions:

This Microsoft Windows-powered tablet was what Adrian based his inspection on. It covered all the inspection areas and provided check-boxes as well as an ability to take notes and photographs.

Left: checking moisture content in the framing. It was dry enough for lining to proceed. Right: Adrian’s tablet doubled as a camera.

Inspecting the heatpump wires and piping installation in the north wall. Adrian said the big holes cut into the studs had been adequately compensated for by the steel brackets shown on the right. Phew!


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2 Responses to Being inspected

  1. Carey2 says:

    Do you have an official “shift in & live there” date yet?

  2. jmacg says:

    Do such things exist? (Everything has taken much longer than expected on this job.)

    The kitchen goes in this Friday and vinyl floor covering next week. Kitchen and wash house (cupboard) appliances being delivered tomorrow. We haven’t painted inside yet. Would have liked to do it earlier but not possible.

    We’ll be using the new room before Xmas though. In fact we’ll be partly using it next week, even though the room won’t be painted. The old hot water cylinder is being disconnected and removed from the roof space. The new cylinder will be set going immediately and as the kitchen will be installed, we’ll have to use it’s hot water straight away.

    Liz and I have just arrived and will spend some days painting and keeping an eye on developments.

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